Whether you want to boost your website visibility or create a marketing strategy, you will need to write SEO optimized blog posts. Unfortunately, this can be a little daunting, if you’ve not written anything since high school. However, FI Digital is SEO in Melbourne experts and can provide some advice to help get you started.


Plan Your Post:

Many people try to simply sit down and start writing, but this can be a frustrating approach. Unless you have great, natural writing talent, this is an easy way to make yourself feel overwhelmed. So, it is important to plan your post before you start writing. Think about what message you want to convey or the questions you want to answer. This will help you to create a structure for the post. You will know what you want to say in the opening paragraph as you introduce the topic, some bullet points for the main body and your conclusion. This basic structure can then be fleshed out when you start writing.

Get The Formatting Right:

It is very easy to get a little carried away with paragraphs in a blog post, simply starting new sentences on new lines because it looks good. However, this can make it confusing for the reader. Instead, have a reason to make a new paragraph. Try to keep each paragraph focused on one idea or theme and separate it with headings. Headings are an important aspect of SEO Melbourne bloggers need to understand. The main search engines use headings to grasp the main topics, particularly in longer posts, so try to use keywords in your headings and subheadings, if possible.

Remember Your Readers

While your main reason for posting may be SEO, you need to remember that the blog will be read by a human. Avoid cramming in keywords that will compromise the flow of the content and try to use signal words that help reader when scanning the text. Examples of signal words are “firstly” “additionally” “finally.” These words highlight the main points of your argument and provide clear structure in your text. If you are unsure about the flow of your article, ask someone to read it before you publish.


Link to Your Previous Content:

If you have already written content, try to create links in your new work. You will need to ensure that the links are logical and share topics or ideas, but links will make your blog post stronger and show authority on the topic. Link structure also helps your search engine rankings and may encourage readers to stay on the blog to look at more content.

Create a Content Schedule:

Adding content can become a chore, but regular posting will help the search engines to recognise that your website is active. Inactive websites are crawled less often by the search engines, and this will have a negative effect on your rankings. You can encourage regular posting with a content schedule. Plan out your posts and if you have time, write a few extra posts and schedule them to be published automatically.

If you need help further with your SEO, Melbourne based FI Digital is ready to help. We are an established SEO company Melbourne businesses can rely on. Our team members are on hand to answer any queries and help you to plan your SEO strategy.