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FI Digital is Melbourne based Digital Services provider specialising in Marketing and Cloud Services.

Our customers form Melbourne’s most vibrant business community, the small and medium sized businesses. And undoubtedly we are one of them, hence we love to share with each other our tips and tricks.

Digital is the way to go and businesses have realised this, hence our customers often ask us few question around following topics:

  • How do we manage agile projects? Are there any tools?
  • How do we integrate our accounting software with CRM?
  • How do we delve deeper into our data to get meaningful insights?

These questions are valid and kind of addresses the most pressing issues for SMBs. We would like to share some of our top secret tools;

Let’s start with Project Management piece.

How do we at FI digital manage our Projects and provide personalised services to our clients?

We use Trello, Google Drive & Slack for efficient and collaborative working.

What is Trello?

This gives us flexibility to keep everyone working on a project on same board, and senior project managers get the visibility of board in real time.

This also means we cut down on unnecessary emails and reply to the cards when necessary. (cards is a Trello Term for tasks)

The best part is, it starts free!

How do we integrate it with Google Drive:

At FI Digital, we live and breathe data and hence having spread sheets is imperative. We use lots and lots of spread sheet for our SEO & SEM services. These documents and sheets are easily attachable and shareable on Trello, there is an in-built feature, so no need to download and upload, simple share the link on your card!

Where does SLACK fit?

Slack again helps us focussed on our project delivery, rather than filing and managing our email inbox.

Using all 3 tools together helps us deliver results which we our clients absolutely love us for!

Let’s talk accounting now!

Small & Medium sized businesses like FI Digital & our clients are often faced by Cash Flow issues, moreover there are many other manual tasks like sending repetitive invoices and follow-ups which we would just like some one to do it for us!

We use QuickBooks Online Accounting Softwarefor all our Invoicing, Cash-flow management and Expense Recording Purposes.

Why do we use QuickBooks?

  • Seamlessly integrates with our CRM – Salesforce. Hence we can keep exact track of our accounts, their service cycle and valuable contacts.?
  • QuickBooks also integrates with all major bank in Australia and tracks all the transactions. It also has a “PayPal integration feature” which we recommend to all our clients who are in “Ecommerce Industry”.
  • Easy to use, easy to set up and available on Mobile as well as tablet.
  • Our data is safe, secure and on cloud, accessible from anywhere.
  • BAS Summary is readily available as an in-built feature.

Above mentioned are just some of the features, checkout all the feature for yourself, as QuickBooks provides a free trial as well.

Getting Insights from your Data:

Businesses have multiple points of Data collection; it can be:

  • Interaction with clients – CRM System
  • Websites
  • Social Media Accounts
  • BDMs / Sales Representatives
  • Service Representatives

Seems a lot, and it is really painful to collect data, analyse and use the insights for business decisions.

We at FI Digital are exactly doing the same for many Small and Medium Sized Businesses in Australia.

We use world leading Cloud Success Platform: Salesforce to achieve that. We help our clients with their Data Structure and platform development.

Our team of Melbourne Based Salesforce Developers have years of experience to cater your needs.

Get full view of your business, collect actionable insights and put Marketing Automation to use with Salesforce & FI Digital.

Feel free to drop in a message at

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