What Changes Can You Experience in SEO in 2018?

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As the year 2017 is in its final days, experts have started analyzing about the expected changes in 2018 in the field of Search Engine Optimization or more commonly known as the SEO. The experts are expecting drastic changes in the workings of SEO in Melbourne and SEO company in Melbourne. With Google and other popular search engines working overtime to produce user-friendly search techniques, it is safe to say that the SEO is going for a significant haul.


Some of the changes that will affect the Melbourne SEO company are:

  • Voice search:

Voice search has caught with the current generation of today, and according to Google analytics, 55% of teens and 40% of adults use Voice search daily to clear their doubts. This percentage is growing more every day, and the SEO company in Melbourne need to rethink the way of routing the traffic.

  • Mobile First:

This is the ripple effect of voice search as most of the searches are done through mobiles; Google is giving relevance to the sites that are incredibly mobile friendly. SEO in Melbourne will have to adapt their marketing techniques based on the Mobile First Index by Google where the handset takes precedence than the bigger screens.

  • Relevance:

Google uses Rank Brain to determine whether the site is relevant or not by basing its analysis on the user’s behavior. The SEO Melbourne companies have to design their client’s website in a way that it satisfies the customer’s query.At the same time, it should keep them entranced long enough for Google to assess that the site qualifies in the area of relevance to the user’s question and the information provided by the Melbourne SEO company is comprehensive for a person searching their needs in Melbourne.

  • Quality for Quantity:

The significant change in SEO Melbourne would be the looking of the quality of the content rather than the quantity of content by Google. Google made significant changes to its algorithm in 2017 including the Fred Algorithm Update that focuses on getting rid of low-quality websites and other irrelevant material. So the SEO company in Melbourne will have to make quality rich content for their client’s site rather than sacrificing quality for the ad related revenues.

  • Featured Snippets:

Nowadays users of the search engine are looking for the answer when they type in the search query instead of following the featured link to get the result. This will be quite a challenge for SEO companies in Melbourne to generate featured snippets to gain more views.

  • Fast and quick will win the race:

Google has put up yet another roadblock where only the swiftest web pages will survive. The time limit is approximately three seconds for the site to load in any size screen, and the speed of the website can be checked in any of the speed check analytical tools, and if the problem of slow loading exists, it could be corrected by the SEO experts.


These are some of the massive changes that are expected in the year 2018  and SEO company in Melbourne have to adapt themselves to these changes to serve their clients in the best way possible.


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