Common SEO Myths Busted – Part 1

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I have been working with SMEs in Victoria, Australia for 4.5 years now, and businesses are realising the importance of digital marketing day by day. And it makes sense in a country like Australia where mobile penetration rates are amongst highest around the globe. However, there are things which SME’s and business owners do wrong.

Is there anything which business owners are doing wrong?

Probably not, they have many other things to look after and digital requires much of time which ideally business owners and top management does not have. But the best thing to do in this case would accept the fact that you (business owners) are not able to learn about the changing trend and empower your digital guy (in-house or agency). This obviously requires your trust and service provider’s credibility but once you have engaged them, empower them.

To help business owners understand the most common myths and bust them, I have come up with this blog post. This article contains the issues I have personally faced and also reasons behind them.

Buy Domain name which matches your product/service instantly helps you rank on page 1 of Google Search Results.

This was probably the right thing to do 4-5 years back but not now. If Google had to rank on based on domain names, life would have been so easier, well and difficult too ! Imagine a person buying a domain “” and hosting content about Property Market! This is not something you as a searcher would like to see, hence Google takes into account 100+ big and small factors before ranking web pages for any search query.

I have seen companies buying 30-40 domain names and redirecting them to a website, thinking that these domain names (with their product/services) would help them. No, it doesn’t, the only thing that might help a bit is all the domains being redirected towards a single domain. And this too has a negligible positive effect.

Is it completely useless to buy domain names which match your products/service ?

Probably not, if you buy a domain name which has got product/service in it, it might not necessarily help in ranking the web page but once the site is ranked it might help with getting that necessary click through. And it has a slight advantage, but just slight. So there is no reason to freak out if you do not get a matching domain name.

“Google”, when started, was a random name and was nowhere related to “Search” but today it is Synonym for Searching on The Web.

Probably the following would be a better strategy. This would make sure your web page keeps on ranking for the relevant “keyword” or “Phrase” or “Term”. But the whole process is a circle, you need to keep your data very useful for visitors and Google Search will reward you.


I hope you enjoyed your post. Keep looking this space for more! Our aim is to simplify Digital & Inbound Marketing for SMEs so that it empowers them and they take an informed decision while investing in Digital Marketing Mediums.

You can discuss your case with us, we would love to advise SMEs on all the possible options after getting acquainted with your cases. Just drop in an email on or fill out this form.

At FiDigital you can be rest assured about the changing times, we will keep you ahead the curve every time. Till next time, take care!
This post was brought to you by FiDigital, Melbourne Based SEO Company. Helping SMEs in their Digital growth and guaranteeing success as well as transparency.

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