Digital personalization – The Consciousness of Marketing Automation

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Digital personalization is a word which is the latest buzz word in Digital world! It is used in the automating marketing process where one can add a personal touch to the marketing segment and present offers that are intended for one specific customer. It changes the way in which the product is presented and the way the customer looks at it. It is generally based on the customer’s preferences and their purchasing patterns.

Marketing automation as the term is itself self-explanatory is an automated platform where the marketing team is aided by a software to improvise and customize its actions according to the need of the customers. After all, the customer is the king. There are certain benefits of digital personalization in marketing automation like:

  • Personal touch
  • Improved ROI
  • Improved sales
  • Lead nurturing
  • Website stays in current trend
  • Lesser work for customers
  • Securing brand loyalty
  • Gets noticed by people

Personal touch:

However, one may get adapted to the digital age, but one does have a slight lean towards the personal contact as it makes one feel unique and special. The personal touch might be possible in small enterprises but as the company grows one providing personal touch can become quite impractical and that’s where the plan of digital personalization comes in.  The marketing automating process has tools for generating the personalized offers which help in retaining the customers.

Improved ROI:

As Marketers, we are aiming for higher ROI, Digital Personalisation is the tool which enables marketers to delievr relevant messages to audience, hence fixing the leakage of dollars! Often cost of acquiring customer is very high, this may be attributed to the choice of media and messaging. Because if right message is sent to right audience, they would love it and would want to take some action on it. It also helps the communication stand out from the crowd!

Improved sales:

As marketing automation retains customers preferences the team is able to personalize their suitable offers to the customer  via email or any other digital communication medium in ways:

Personalized greeting: The customer is greeted with a familiar way of greeting like between friends.

Landing page: The email is provided with quick links to the customer’s already retained information which leads to lesser time generation and quick dispersal of the customer’s  order.

Follow –up:  The customer then receives follow-up email thanking them for their purchase and some additional benefits to the customer during their next purchase which gets the customer hooked to the business website or increase the brand loyalty of the customer.

Lead nurturing:

As the marketing automation stores, customer’s preference then it would also be aware of the customer’s wishlist like they could not buy a product which is more costlier but would like to buy it if they get a better offer on it or would like to get notified if there is a fall in the price. This is where digitalpersonalization comes in handy as the marketingteam can find out about the product’s  position in the market and can specialize it according to the needs of the customers and can turn the lead into a customer.


Website stays in current trend:

Marketing automation provides real- time data about the markets, customer activity, and competitor analytics which enable the team to personalize the online website content according to the current trend and stay ahead in the business. As the website is regularly updated, people tend to gravitate toward the latest info rather than old information available.

Lesser work for customers:

As the account of the customer is already preloaded with their preferences, they find it easy to navigate and procure their choice of product and brand which conveniently saves ties for the customer and is a huge plus in the currentlifestyle.This is one of the major benefits of personalization in marketing automating process.

Securing brand loyalty:

People tend to purchase the same brand over and over again if once they get a good impression about its quality as well as the offers given by the company to them. Digital personalization helps in this regard as the team is aware of the customer’s preference and is updated by an automated process of grabbing the right opportunity.

Get noticed by people:

Due to the internet era,people are hooked online and are looking for time-saving options and for attractive deals available online than the tiresome process of arguing with the vendor. So the automation software helps the marketing team to create attractively and eye-catching offers about their products to gain the attention of the customers.


Need some help with Digital Personalization? We have got you covered!

We at FI digital are leaders in Marketing Automaton in Australia. We offer all these services under one roof and we help our clients to choose and set up marketing automation software according to their needs and the size of their enterprise.

 We also help the enterprise the digitally personalize their content to secure and retain customers, enhance the value of the products in the market, maintain brand loyalty and personalize their marketing programs which pull the customers towards the company by making it a preferred choice for the purchasing segment may it be a B2B or a B2C enterprise. So, we encourage our potential clients to give us an opportunity to facilitate their enterprise to reach its full potential.


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