Why Digital Marketing is Important for Australian SMEs?

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Digital marketing seems to be everywhere, big and small companies alike pride themselves in having a well-designed strategy and strong online presence – but what does digital marketing actually do for your business?

The simple answer is that it allows you to connect with your current clients, engage potential ones and find quality leads that can turn into prospective clients for only a fraction of the budget you’d otherwise need. In summary, digital marketing gives you a competitive advantage which can be crucial if you’re a small or medium business owner.

Traditional marketing methods usually require substantial budgets to get your message across. Modern – digital – marketing, on the other hand, can not only help you connect with your customers for significantly less money but can provide you with invaluable insights into consumer’s behavior and help you tailor your products and services range accordingly.


Apart from being more cost-effective, digital marketing also delivers higher conversion rates. By optimizing your content and website for particular keywords, you can ensure that the traffic reaching your business site is targeted which automatically boosts chances of conversion. In turn, this generates higher revenues and allows your company to invest in other marketing strategies to expand your web presence even further.

“One important aspect of the digital marketing and the reason why it’s crucial for every small and medium business owner is that it helps you bring brand authority. This is especially important for start-ups or local, small ventures which consumers might not know of – as people begin to trust your company’s online authority, they are more likely to become loyal clients.”

A recent study on over 500 Australian small businesses has confirmed that most companies in Australia struggle to achieve high digital engagement. Only 16% of all Australian small businesses have a high digital engagement, with over 35% having very low or no engagement whatsoever. In the same time however, small and medium businesses who have a well-developed digital marketing strategy report over 20% increase in their annual revenue.


It is clear that digital marketing can help you grow your business whilst saving you the substantial costs associated with traditional marketing methods but what’s more important – especially if you’re an Australian small or medium business owner – is that it will also give you a competitive edge. Having a strong online presence will immediately boost your brand awareness and distinguish you from the competition. So instead of risking going extinct, get up-to-date and transform your business with a strong digital marketing strategy.

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