Distribution companies,  like any other organization have their own unique business requirements. They need software applications and solutions for capturing leads, qualifying them, tracking sales pipeline, managing day to day activities and executing campaigns.

They also need to assess business performance through multiple reports, workflows and dashboards. This is where FI Digital’s Zoho implementation solutions can assist Distribution houses in meeting their exact requirements!

We implement a wide range of Zoho applications for distribution companies that helps them to achieve their business objectives through simplified business operations.  We customize and deploy Zoho suite of applications to automate our client’s distribution system.

How Zoho Solutions can help Distribution Companies?

Zoho applications and solutions for distribution firms help them to:
  • Track and manage inventory efficiently.
  • Add as well as update all inventory details and keep a track of the distributed stock.
  • Schedule notification regarding low stock levels.
  • Access and manage on-boarding of suppliers via a master or single database.
  • Automate and standardize accounting across the supply chain.
  • Keep a record of all the payments, billed amount, payment type and credits.
  • Streamline the order processing by creating a smooth and simple process flow.
  • View orders as per their status.
  • Keep a track of the sales activities.
  • Record and view the sales report and invoice amounts for all transactions.
  • Handle purchase orders efficiently.
  • Provide quick access to supplier name, purchase invoice and items purchased.

-Why Us?

We help you to set up dedicated modules and systems for effective warehouse management, purchases, inventory handling, sales, bookkeeping and CRM to help you ensure consistent supply of products/goods across the value chain.

We customize and deploy Zoho solutions such as Zoho Creator to automate your distribution workflows. Our solutions help you to remain connected with your business anytime, anywhere through any device.

Connect with us to know how our Zoho implementation services and solutions can help you to boost the productivity and efficiency level of your distribution company!

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