Are you managing a single retail outlet or a chain of retail stores? Do you find it difficult to manage the complex processes that run behind your retail operations?

With Zoho suite of applications you can streamline the back-end procedures and provide your store with a complete makeover.

At FI Digital we help retail outlets in Australia to rethink their retail management using multichannel CRM from Zoho.

We provide retail organizations with Zoho CRM implementation services that allow them to integrate their platform for sales, support, inventory and marketing needs.

This helps you to manage your supply and retail chain operations with ease.

How Zoho Can Help Retail Chain?

Zoho applications and implementation solutions for retail chains allows them to manage their systems and operations on a single platform. It helps them to keep a track of their warehousing and purchasing processes, while also automating and standardizing accounting across their supply chain. Zoho applications such as Zoho Creator allow retail chains to manage their stocks, track orders as well as generate invoices quickly and efficiently.

Zoho apps allow retail organizations to customize their user interface to match their business requirements. It also offers seamless integration with Zoho suite of applications as well as 3rd party software.

Why Us?

Our trained and highly experienced Zoho consultants customize Zoho applications to complement your business needs.

We implement Zoho CRM to assist retail companies with their reporting, territory management, analytics, sales forecasting and other business related tasks.

Fi Digital’s Zoho CRM application & integration experts provide Solutions that help Retail companies to:

  • Offer outstanding customer support services. 
  • Boost opportunities for cross-selling and acquire repeat customers and business. 
  • Improve the rate of customer retention.
  • Increase sales by nurturing leads.
  • Reduce marketing and sales costs.
  • Acquire insights and reports in real-time. 
  • Capture customers’ trends to boost business growth
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