Simplify your manufacturing and inventory management with FI Digital’s Zoho Solutions for manufacturing. 

Our Zoho solutions help manufacturing companies to customize, automate and streamline their operations!

Zoho applications and solutions for manufacturing companies enable them to speed-up their routine operations, including invoicing and order management processes. Zoho apps such as Zoho Creator help manufacturing organizations to build custom solutions for smooth business operations. It offers handy features such as drag & drop interface as well as guided scripting that further allows them to automate their workflows.

Why FI Digital?

Our Zoho Consulting & Implementation For Manufacturing Sector Helps To

  • Manage key data effectively by bringing work in progress, material requests as well as finished goods on a single, cloud-based, searchable interface.
  • Deign as well as automate complex workflows such as process routing and approval procedures.
  • Organize mission-critical production applications for speedy and convenient progress tracking. 
  • Regulate order management, generate material billing reports and automate invoice calculations.
  • Ensure that the Quality Assurance team is able to relay details related to quality of product in real-time alongside photographs. 
  • Manage dashboards, reports as well as workflows.
  • Create new products by combining ancillary and primary items from your stock. 
  • Track and customize product offerings to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Bundle orders together for quick delivery.

Our Zoho consultants help manufacturing companies in Australia to manage their operations and business with minimal efforts. We implement Zoho range of applications to help them capture contacts, leads, manager sales, sales orders, quotes, after sales, invoices, track serial number and purchase orders. Our team is expert at implementing Zoho inventory that helps them to streamline business operations, manage their sales, purchase & inventory and shipments effectively and efficiently.

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