Do you want to create an agile, responsive and personalized logistics chain? With Zoho implementation and integration services, logistics companies can deliver their goods on time, while also ensuring enhanced customer experience.

At FI Digital, we use a wide range of Zoho applications such as Zoho Creator for digitizing your logistics business and provide you with an edge over your competitors.

How Zoho Application & Implementation Can Help Logistics Chains?

Zoho for Logistics is designed to assist logistics companies in managing their shipments with ease and minimal efforts. 

It also helps them to comfortably manage their procurements, distribution as well as warehousing needs and offer a hassle free business experience to their customers.

Logistics business can customize as well as integrate Zoho applications to design a full-fledged and an efficient logistics management system.

Zoho application integration and implementation enables logistics companies to

  • Set up and view all the mission-critical data/information through a unified and an easy to access dashboard.
  • Access all the order related information, pending order data and earnings for a trip through the dashboard.
  • Keep track of the shipments through mobile based barcode scanning as well as geo-tagging that provides real-time location updates. 
  • Review the fleets’ operational and fuel efficiency, workforce efficiency, inventory turnover, customer satisfaction as well as other metrics through comprehensive and unique reports.
  • Access and customize all the shipment reports in just a couple of clicks. 
  • Save time through task automation and optimization of delivery channels. 
  • Enable drivers to update the status of their shipment delivery in real-time via a mobile app.

Why Us?

As the premier provider of Zoho implementation & integration solutions in Australia, we are committed to assisting logistics companies at every step of their business. Our experienced and efficient team of Zoho consultants identify your specific requirements to implement the best Zoho software and applications that help you to effectively manage your inventory, vendors, distributors, fleet and expenses.

Connect with our Zoho experts to scale your logistic business to the next level!

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