Solar Energy

Want to accelerate your solar energy business? Do it with Zoho Apps!

FI Digital is adept at implementing ZOHO suite of apps including Zoho CRM, Zoho One and others for premier solar and renewable energy companies.

We have assisted leading solar installers and retailers in Australia to change the manner in which they communicate and collaborate with their customers, field experts and staff members.

Our Zoho solutions and software applications are designed to help solar energy companies to grow and expand their business and offer a seamless business experience for their clients.

Why Zoho Solutions for Solar Energy Companies?

Zoho solutions are ideal for solar energy and renewable organizations that need to improve their functionality and performance.

Zoho CRM and other applications such as Zoho Supports and Zoho business solutions help solar energy businesses to boost their sales through effective lead management.

When implemented in the right manner, Zoho applications help them to keep a track of their internal as well as client related concerns in a structured and efficient manner.

Zoho solutions aid solar and renewable energy companies in centralising their communications and ensuring instant customer support.

Why FI Digital?

At FI Digital, we strive hard to deliver the best Zoho applications and solutions to companies in the solar & renewable energy sector in Australia. Our Zoho implementation begins with assessment of your key requirements and core competences. Based on your business specifics, we implement the most appropriate and affordable suite of Zoho products.

Our team of Zoho consultants provide quick and hassle-free implementation that help solar energy companies to

  • Communicate with the field engineers, service engineers and other offsite team members during solar panel installation at the client site.
  • Enter tickets by accessing Zoho support app to resolve clients’ issues at the earliest.
  • Structure and organize the process flow for enhanced business performance.
  • Create a platform for accessing useful data as well as metrics for measuring business performance. 
  • Drive sales and improve profitability by delivering enhanced customer experience.

Connect with us to implement Zoho solutions for managing your customer journey from beginning to end! 

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